51 Jagwar Ma & Jinder & racism

Jagwars! A fantastic time hanging out with Jono, Gabriel and Jack of Jagwar Ma! We get in touch with their roots, side projects, moving to Lisbon, changing song names – and posttraumatic stress disorder. On the podcast version, thoughts on Jinder Mahal.

jagwar ma: jono, jack, gabe, antonio

45 Ducktails: Matt Mondanile & dynamics

Ducks! Their tails, that is! Matt Mondanile joins Antonio to talk tails of ducks (the haircut), converting people to things, knowledge and virtue. And then some Disney talk and some hobbies talk. And then talk of banging your head and Italian prog talk. And some gear talk at the end if you’re into nerding out on guitars.

44 Whitney: Julien Ehrlich, Max Kakacek & izzardry

Champions! Julien and Max from the wonderful band Whitney were in Lisbon for Vodafone Mexefest and stole everyone’s hearts with their first ever duo only show. They also know their football (of the soccer variety) and speak to Antonio about attending some important matches. Also, Elton John. Also, Cristiano Ronaldo or Axl Rose? Also, Eddie Izzard came to Lisbon.

whitney: max, antonio, julien

39 Bully & parties over here

Bullies! Let’s not cheer for that. Antonio enters Bully into the How-long-can-you-take-a-subject competition by teasing Alicia, Stewart, Clayton and Reece about bullies. See what’s going on? Discussions about bullies, that’s what. Who’s your favorite bully? Chime in whenever you can. Take this episode with a grain of whatever you want – which can be salt.

38 Kele Okereke (Bloc Party) & first live show

This will make you jump! Kele Okereke of Bloc Party joins Made of Things at Super Bock Super Rock to talk to Antonio about spirituality, communion and connection. Plenty on the album Hymns and you’ll never believe what got Kele started in music. Jump (Bis)!
antonio, kele okereke

35 Titus Andronicus: Patrick Stickles & empathy

Tragedies! We talk life with Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus at Primavera Sound on this episode of Made of Things. Lamentable tragedies and teenage angst and how to cope, but also smoking, Merge Records and giving away guitars.

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34 Jenny Hval & Eurovision

Swedish lapphunds! Hvalentine’s Day here on Made of Things! Not really. Well, it is – we just made it a thing. Jenny Hval joins Antonio to talk shavers, dog breeds, accents, Turbonegro… and wig talk! Lots of chiming in from NonĂ´ off camera too! Also, the Eurovision Song Contest.

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jenny hval, antonio