55 DRINKS: Cate Le Bon, Tim Presley & even lower back

Lies! Absolute darlings Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley (friend of the show) are DRINKS and guests in one of the best episodes of Made of Things yet! They talk to Antonio about siblings, haircutting Cate, Tim’s super secret, playing Tremor, capes and dresses, terrible drinks, dogs and wales (the animal). Is the truth even real?

drinks: antonio, tim, cate


20 Django Django: David Maclean, Tommy Grace & capricorns

Giant squids! Django Django’s David Maclean and Tommy Grace talk to Antonio about why they always seem to play with alt-J, what it means to be born under Saturn and lots of movies. Mad Max? Jurassic Park? New movie ideas? Hollywood awaits! On top of all this djangodjangoing, also some Assassins’ Creed? Games, hashtag.

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some django djangoing going on