51 Jagwar Ma & Jinder & racism

Jagwars! A fantastic time hanging out with Jono, Gabriel and Jack of Jagwar Ma! We get in touch with their roots, side projects, moving to Lisbon, changing song names – and posttraumatic stress disorder. On the podcast version, thoughts on Jinder Mahal.

jagwar ma: jono, jack, gabe, antonio

46 John Grant & lifting the veil

Flames! John Grant talks to Antonio about grim stuff: growing up in environments of little tolerance, dealing with pain, class systems in big countries and crazy people on the streets in America. Then, concepts of freedom, addiction and podcasts. And then fun stuff: remembering Madeline Kahn, speaking in Russian and doing an ad for Coca-Cola.

antonio, john grant

42 Biffy Clyro: James and Ben Johnston & royal trumble

Wolves! Of winter, if you know your Biffy Clyro. We go back with James and Ben to talk old school Biffy and more recent Biffy. Also, thoughts on Trump/Bane, the early records and sticking together. Before that, half an hour on the Royal Rumble. You’ve been warned! This episode is in association with Altamont and Fest Mag.

biffy clyro: ben, antonio, james

37 Junior Boys: Jeremy Greenspan, Matt Didemus & fixing the AC

Vampires! Blood (sweat), sweat (correct) and tears (actually sweat) as Jeremy and Matt endure extreme heat and a turbulent dressing room, then try to make up for it by talking to Antonio about submarines, playing with Caribou or not, green screens, Jessy Lanza, the Portuguese outside of Portugal and showing some serious air conditioner fixing skills. Later on, they reminisce about Count Floyd and SCTV – and Gentle Giant. A-ha!

32 Dr. John Cooper Clarke & going video

Punk poetry! We get subversive with Dr. John Cooper Clarke, the legendary punk poet, who talks to Antonio about the Arctic Monkeys, the Young Ones, Reeves & Mortimer, plenty of old school rock ‘n’ roll and twats around the world! And don’t slap your mates.

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antonio, john cooper clarke

30 Álvaro Covões & NOS Alive 2016

Antevisões! Álvaro Covões fala-nos do NOS Alive, que celebra 10 anos na próxima edição, que está mesmo aí à porta. Portanto, tenham atenção às vossas portas. Falamos do cartaz, do historial do Alive e de como é liderar um festival cada vez maior. E há espaço para quem quiser apanhar a Camionete do Fado.

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27 Marmozets & pronunciation

Marmozets! That was an easy animal choice with which to start off, you tiny monkeys. Becca and Jack join Antonio and talk about their roots in prog, doing photoshoots with animals, spelling words with a W and getting your songs on FIFA video games! Plus, Will joins in to do impressions!

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antonio, becca, jack