54 Moullinex & Xinobi & preview Super Bock Super Rock

Querem conversas aleatórias acerca de nada em particular? Está aqui uma, mesmo debaixo do vosso nariz – snif snif. Moullinex e Xinobi acrescentam ao cânone de disparates connosco, numa espécie de antevisão do Super Bock Super Rock deste ano, em que celebram o décimo aniversário da Discotexas. Preparem-se! Era para ser só em podcast, mas decidimos passar para vídeo, porque isto é ouro (ou outro metal precioso que preferirem) – portanto passem pelo YouTube para ver o podcast, mas com bonecos.

antonio, moullinex e xinobi


26 Étienne de Crécy & one-liners for Easter

Euros! French dance music master Étienne de Crécy is on this episode of Made of Things! You will get a 0% Super Discount for listening to this – because it’s free! Get your club scene boots on – no other option of footwear – and check out Étienne talking to Antonio about the Super Discount live show, how there are more people in French Touch than one might imagine and changing baby’s diapers.

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etienne, antonio

13 The Juan MacLean: John MacLean, Nancy Whang

Tonight we say good morning, because it’s wakey wakey, time to smell the coffee and party with The Juan MacLean! John MacLean and Nancy Whang speak to Antonio about playing live. It’s really a lot about playing live. On second thought, that’s all it is! No, there is also talk about time and space and doggies.

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the juan maclean: nancy whang and john maclean with antonio