64 The Veldt & RIP Manuel Reis

Chavises! The Veldt are back in 2017 with two EPs. And we got to speak to them last year at Reverence in Portugal before any of this happened! It’s a funny old world. A quick warning: it was really windy and unexpectedly noisy, so apologies to everyone.

Daniel, Danny, Marvin and Hayato speak to Antonio about serious issues like being a black artist, mental health in the black community and living in America. But also soap opera problems, hot dog music, time out to meet the fans, time out again to stand in front of the camera, The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation, the Cocteau Twins and Ennio Morricone.

the veldt: Antonio, Daniel and Danny

photo: Nônô Noxx


23 Jack Antonoff (Bleachers, fun.) & clickbait

Clickbait! Isn’t that how this works? Jack Antonoff and Antonio try to pronounce things. They also talk about food, because you have to, right? And a lot of gossip about former girlfriends omg!!! – well, not quite like that. This isn’t TMZ or whatever. Most of this is actually about LGBT(QIAP) rights and privilege. But you can also find Jack’s thoughts on fucking up, the relentlessness of Internet archives and a new logo for Fox News. And clickbait. Then he said something amazing and you’ll never believe what happened next!!!!11oneoneeleven

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antonio, jack antonoff

22 Chairlift: Caroline Polachek, Patrick Wimberly & new album

Moths! Chairlift is on the show via the medium of a Caroline Polachek and a Patrick Wimberly, in tandem! With the new album Moth coming out today (if by today you believe it is January, the 22nd), the guys and Antonio compliment each other’s eyes, and talk about going British and the history behind some meaningful holding of hands. And from the toilet to the stage with Alex Kapranos. Hysteria!

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caroline, antonio, patrick