61 Dillinger Escape Plan: Ben Weinman

At last! As the Dillinger Escape Plan reached their closure, we got Ben Weinman on the show! One of Antonio’s all time favorites, breaking up DEP was hardly reason to celebrate. So this gets more serious than usual, but we also talk onesies and Manowar and the concept of olive oil.

dillinger escape plan: antonio, ben weinman

photo: Nônô Noxx


48 Unsane & medical strike

Movies! Kick ass band Unsane join Antonio at Primavera Sound last year for a cool hang. Vincent, Chris and Dave teach Antonio about the most unwelcome cross between wrestling and women, but also talk about bumping into people around the world, the band’s gruesome album covers and other heavy stuff, the Evil Dead and lots of other gory suggestions. Also, at the end AND exclusively on the podcast version, Vinnie gives his insight on the bands that were around Unsane!

unsane: vincent, chris, antonio, dave

34 Jenny Hval & Eurovision

Swedish lapphunds! Hvalentine’s Day here on Made of Things! Not really. Well, it is – we just made it a thing. Jenny Hval joins Antonio to talk shavers, dog breeds, accents, Turbonegro… and wig talk! Lots of chiming in from Nonô off camera too! Also, the Eurovision Song Contest.

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jenny hval, antonio