66 Jessy Lanza & thewebsite

Jessy Lanza is on Made of Things! This is one of those which are mainly crazy talk. Joe Pesci, rotary phones, spirit animals, Sumol, random memories, saying hi to Amy, Mozart on tour, isolation and what means I love you? Nônô chimes in lot on this one. Watch it or we’ll whack ya! (by “it”, we mean the episode). Also, NEW WEBSITE!

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jessy lanza, antonio

photo: Nônô Noxx


37 Junior Boys: Jeremy Greenspan, Matt Didemus & fixing the AC

Vampires! Blood (sweat), sweat (correct) and tears (actually sweat) as Jeremy and Matt endure extreme heat and a turbulent dressing room, then try to make up for it by talking to Antonio about submarines, playing with Caribou or not, green screens, Jessy Lanza, the Portuguese outside of Portugal and showing some serious air conditioner fixing skills. Later on, they reminisce about Count Floyd and SCTV – and Gentle Giant. A-ha!