52 Lush & Primavera Sound

Lush may be no more (again), but that’s not stopping us from posting the chat Antonio and guest co-host Vera had with Miki, Emma and Phil of the British shoegaze legends at last year’s Primavera Sound in Barcelona. It’s a very fun snapshot of this period when they got back together and we talk about Porto, women in music and Rachel Goswell’s gossip.

lush: miki, vera, phil, antonio, emma


51 Jagwar Ma & Jinder & racism

Jagwars! A fantastic time hanging out with Jono, Gabriel and Jack of Jagwar Ma! We get in touch with their roots, side projects, moving to Lisbon, changing song names – and posttraumatic stress disorder. On the podcast version, thoughts on Jinder Mahal.

jagwar ma: jono, jack, gabe, antonio

21 Matthew Murphy (The Wombats) & best of 2015, Bowie

Haircuts! No animals necessary this time, because we have Matthew Murphy of The Wombats on the show! Wombats! A-ha, surprise: already animals after all! Murph talks with Antonio about hand sanitizers, insects and haircuts. We are starting off 2016 in style (haircuts, see?) while also looking back at the best records of 2015. Better late than never, I always say – on any occasion! Sometimes it is inadequate! :0 emoticon. Also, David Bowie forever.

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murph of the wombats, antonio

15 Ex Hex: Mary Timony, Betsy Wright, Laura Harris

Tigers! Grrrr. Have absolutely no fun on the first part of this episode, but you might find some solace and human empathy. Next, our guests Ex Hex are a lovely trio of rocking girls and a lot of wordplay is involved. This is good if you like wordplay! And classic indie bands. Rips and shreds!

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antonio, mary, betsy

14 Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson, KTU, Stick Men, Mr. Mister, etc.)

King Crimson time! Pat Mastelotto, only one of the most amazing drummers of all time, is on Made of Things this week to talk new King Crimson, old King Crimson and Portugal (more or less old and new)! This episode takes place in the lovely city of Brighton, in the UK – on the morning after one of the not that many concerts the band did this year. A total privilege talking with Pat! No joke here!

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antonio, pat mastelotto

11 American Football: Mike Kinsella, Nate Kinsella, Steve Lamos, Steve Holmes

American Football is on the show this week, so get ready to run, blitz and mostly punt yourself into a state of fun! Try not to fumble this one, we’re all counting on you. The great Mike Kinsella, Nate Kinsella, Steve Lamos and Steve Holmes talk to Antonio about anything from podcasts to dads!

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Antonio, Lamos (top), Holmes (bottom), Mike and Nate