53 White Reaper & speech impediment

Goats! White Reaper are a bunch of fun rock kids and they’re on this hilarious episode of Made of Things! They have a new album out, but this was recorded at last year’s Primavera Sound in Barcelona. Sam, Ryan, Nick and Tony speak to Antonio and guest co-host Vera about horror movies, tattoos, bowls, spoopy, Hello Kitty, Monster Mash, the Best Show, crying and White Reaper $20. Join the chaos!

white reaper: tony, antonio, sam

52 Lush & Primavera Sound

Lush may be no more (again), but that’s not stopping us from posting the chat Antonio and guest co-host Vera had with Miki, Emma and Phil of the British shoegaze legends at last year’s Primavera Sound in Barcelona. It’s a very fun snapshot of this period when they got back together and we talk about Porto, women in music and Rachel Goswell’s gossip.

lush: miki, vera, phil, antonio, emma

50 Made of Things LIVE 1: Muvi Lisboa 2016 com Bruno Ferreira, Sérgio Pedro, Ana Viotti

LIVE FROM NEW YORK, IT’S uma referência que não funciona em português! O Made of Things teve a primeira edição ao vivo DE SEMPRE no Muvi Lisboa, o festival internacional de música no cinema. Falámos do vídeo que o realizador Bruno Ferreira não quer que se veja, do novelo que o editor Sérgio Pedro tem de deslindar e dos fundos das mesa da videógrafa Ana Viotti. Descubram ainda como é filmar bêbado em Barcelona e na não-Dinamarca!

muvi lisboa: antonio, ana viotti, bruno ferreira, sergio pedro

41 Suuns: Ben Shemie, Liam O’Neill & more parties over here

Parties! Ben and Liam of Suuns get together with Antonio and guest host Vera Rodrigues to talk about their amazing show at Primavera Sound, natural highs (maybe?), live show vibes, dominating synthesizers and becoming a member of AC/DC. And parties over here – twice!
suuns: vera, liam, ben, antonio

31 Dawn Richard & wrist

Manatees! Dawn Richard is on this episode! D∆WN talks to Antonio about doing everything yourself, Green Day, her roots in dance and prog, virtual reality, working with Adult Swim, and lots more! It’s a reference fiesta! Also, check your wrists.

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antonio, dawn richard

29 Perfume Genius & open data

Longpigs! Perfume Genius is in the air – and on the show! Mike talks to Antonio about nails, going more hardcore, managing a bank and perfume brands called “Reseest”. Also, a presentation on open data.

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antonio, mike hadreas

22 Chairlift: Caroline Polachek, Patrick Wimberly & new album

Moths! Chairlift is on the show via the medium of a Caroline Polachek and a Patrick Wimberly, in tandem! With the new album Moth coming out today (if by today you believe it is January, the 22nd), the guys and Antonio compliment each other’s eyes, and talk about going British and the history behind some meaningful holding of hands. And from the toilet to the stage with Alex Kapranos. Hysteria!

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caroline, antonio, patrick