78 Bons Sons antevisão

(Episode in Portuguese) Neste episódio, fazemos uma antevisão do Festival Bons Sons, que acontece de 8 a 11 de Agosto na aldeia de Cem Soldos, em Tomar. Conversamos com o director artístico do festival, Luís Ferreira, e tentamos descobrir o que faz do Bons Sons uma experiência da qual toda a gente só diz bem.

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77 BEAK> & a rambling rant on YouTube

Beaks! You may know Geoff from Portishead or Billy from playing with Robert Plant or Will from Moon Gangs, but did you know they have a band together called BEAK>? You probably did. It’s been almost ten years now. But did you know how fun they are? No? Well aren’t you lucky. They talk to Antonio about the fourth member of the band, being more goth, knowing who you are, what is a flub and platypuses.

beak on made of things: geoff, antonio, billy, will

76 Roosevelt & kein Inhalt

Belongings! Marius Lauber, whomst you know as Roosevelt (not a president) talks to Antonio about accents, switching it up in dance music, not belonging, losing weight in Berlin, Michael Jackson, Sonic 3 and Trevor Phillips.

roosevelt on made of things: antonio, marius

75 Jambinai (잠비나이) & lost in translation

Koreas! Jambinai’s Eun-yong, Bo-mi and Choi are on the show! They talk to Antonio (in English) about eating in Porto, different musical notes in Korea, collaborations in K-Pop, and drawing inspiration from The Expanse.

jambinai on made of things: antonio, bo-mi, eun-yong, choi

74 Lightning Bolt & lightning quick

Bolts! Of lightning, that is. The delightful Brian Chippendale of the utterly awesome Lightning Bolt talks to us about trains, first world problems, tuna sandwiches, friends, agriculture and improvisation. Okay, at least one thing makes some sense. This episode is heckin’ great.

lightning bolt on made of things: antonio, brian chippendale

73 Joe Seaward (Glass Animals) & wishing well

Pineapples! Joe Seaward of Glass Animals is on the show. Antonio helps Joe out with beer and they talk about writing a successful record (well, not together), human beings and their struggles and – of course – fruit. Also, we wish him well.

glass animals on made of things: antonio, joe seaward

72 Local Natives & calories

Low calories! Ryan, Taylor and Matt talk Antonio about back hernias, soccer and beards, health food, murder, goths, mobile phones, wrestling with demons and downloading stuff all night. Take everything *very* literally on this one!

local natives on made of things: ryan, antonio, taylor, matt

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photo: Nônô Noxx